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  OK, now let me get something straight here. I HATE CONCEPT SITES. These are the ones when you have to follow a gimmicky little plot in order to get the information you want. And anyone familiar with USA Films knows that they are great perpetuators of these obnoxious sites. Anyone who checked out their NURSE BETTY site probably knows what I'm talking about. USA's TRAFFIC site is pretty much crap as far as I'm concerned. The site consists of a Shockwave/Flash thing that is relatively well designed, but getting information out of this site is like pulling teeth. If you want cast and crew info or anything related to TRAFFIC at all, you have to go to Amazon's TRAFFIC site (USA and Amazon have a partnership deal). The Amazon site is informative, but it isn't very exciting. Plus you have to wade through all the advertisements. But it does have some cool interviews, and if yoy feel the urge to buy the soundtrack, the screenplay or order your TRAFFIC DVD (availabe June 14, 2001) then this is the place to be.
Unfortunately, this very site that you are visiting right now is the only Steven Soderbergh fan site that I know of. If you all find one that you'd like to see added, or you create one of your own, DROP US A LINE and I'll add the page right here where this rambling message is.
This is the U.S. Internet Movie Database entry for Steven Soderbergh. It's about as thourough as you can get.