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  The 58th Annual Golden Globe Awards are over and done with and Steven Soderbergh went home empty handed. There had been a great deal of talk about how he may split his votes (he was nominated for both TRAFFIC and ERIN BROCKOVICH for Best Director). CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON director Ang Lee was awarded the prize. Both TRAFFIC and ERIN BROCKOVICH also failed to win the Best Dramatic Picture Prize. Ridley Scott's epic GLADIATOR took home the honors. READ MORE HERE  
  OK, here's the list of new awards. The Florida Film Critics Association awarded TRAFFIC with the Best Picture nomination, and Steven Soderbergh won Best Director for both TRAFFIC and ERIN BROCKOVICH. The Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association also got together and awarded TRAFFIC with their Best Picture Award and Soderbergh with the Best Director Award for his work on the film. Also, The Southeastern Film Critics Association awarded Soderbergh the Best Director Award for TRAFFIC. Finally, the American Film Institute put together their very first awards. TRAFFIC and ERIN BROCKOVICH were two of the films named as Best Pictures of the Year.
  In an article that appeared in the Washington Post on December 28th and has since appeared in numerous other papers across the U.S., Post columnist Richard Cohen criticized film critics for their high praise of TRAFFIC. Citing various lapses in continuity and common sense that appear in TRAFFIC, Cohen calls the film "stupid" and criticizes film critics for being "in thrall with whiz-kid Steven Soderbergh's movie-making." He then attacks Soderbergh by saying "he knows he cheated on this one and, worse, he knows he got away with it." (Washington Post 12.28.00)
  The 58th Annual Golden Globe Award nominations were announced on Thursday, and Steven Sodebergh appears to be the big winner. Both ERIN BROCKOVICH and TRAFFIC were nominated for Best Dramatic Picture. To top it off, Soderbergh was nominated not once—but twice, as Best Director for these two films. BROCKOVICH earned two additional nominations with a Best Dramatic Actress nod to Julia Roberts and a Best Supporting Actor (Drama) nomination for Albert Finney. TRAFFIC was nominated for five total awards. In additional to the Best Picture and Best Director nominations, Steven Gaghan was nominated for his screenplay, Catherine Zeta Jones was nominated for Best Dramatic Supporting Actress and Benicio Del Toro was nominated for Best Dramatic Supporting Actor. TRAFFIC star Michael Douglas also received a Best Dramatic Actor nomination for his role in WONDER BOYS.
(From Mr. Showbiz 12.21.00)
  The Las Vegas Film Critics Society awarded ERIN BROCKOVICH—not TRAFFIC with their Best Picture prize. Steven Soderbergh also won the Best Director award for the picture. This is contrary to how many of the awards groups have voted this year. Benicio Del Toro did win the Best Supporting Actor award for his performance in TRAFFIC. Also, the San Diego Film Critics Society also passed out their awards this year. The Best Picture and Best Director combo went to San Diego native Cameron Crowe for ALMOST FAMOUS. Julia Roberts, however won Best Actress and Del Toro won Best Supporting Actor.
(courtesy of Mr. Showbiz December 27, 2000)
  The Broadcast Critics Association announced their award winners for 2000, and Steven Soderbergh has won another Best Director Award. Like his previous wins, the award honors both ERIN BROCKOVICH and TRAFFIC. Julia Roberts won the Best Actress Award for her role in BROCKOVICH. Writer Steven Gaghan won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Both BROCKOVICH and TRAFFIC are also in consideration for the Best Picture Award. They will be competing with nine other finalists for the award that will be announced on January 22, 2000 at the Beverly Hills Ceremony. Also TRAFFIC received nine nominations for the Golden Satellite Awards. The winners will be announced January 14, 2000. Stay tuned for more details on both these stories.
(courtesy of Reuters 12.19.00)
  The Los Angeles Film Critics Assn. gave Steven Soderbergh the Best Director prize for his work on both ERIN BROCKOVICH and TRAFFIC. ERIN star, Julia Roberts was awarded Best Actress, and TRAFFIC star Michael Douglas won the award for Best Actor for his role in WONDER BOYS. The awards will officially be handed out on January 19, 2001. (From Reuters 12.18.00)
  The New York Film Critics Circle awarded TRAFFIC as its Best Picture for 2000. Steven Soderbergh was also handed the Best Director prize for his work in ERIN BROCKOVICH and TRAFFIC. Actor Benicio Del Toro was also honored with the Best Supporting Actor award for his work in the picture. (From Mr. Showbiz 12.13.00)
  The National Board of Review handed out its awards and Steven Soderbergh was honored with a Best Director Prize. The award was in recognition of both ERIN BROCKOVICH and TRAFFIC. ERIN BROCKOVICH star Julia Roberts was awarded the Best Actress prize for her work in the film. TRAFFIC finished second in the Best Picture of the year category. (From Mr.Showbiz 12.7.00)
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