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posted March 23, 2000
     The country's fallen in love with Julia Roberts all over again in Erin Brockovich — how about an instant rematch with director Steven Soderbergh? The indie auteur of sex, lies, and videotape and Out of Sight considered putting the pretty woman in his upcoming drug trade saga, Traffic, but he found he just couldn't do it.
   As he explains it to Entertainment Weekly, the "dark and emotionless" role would have returned Julia to unwelcome Mary Reilly territory. "I [told her], 'It would require you to extinguish everything that I find compelling about you,'" Soderbergh says. "It's unimaginable to me to cast her [in a somber] role, when her gift is her life force and that really makes you want to watch."

    Instead, Julia's teaming with Brad Pitt in the apparently life-force-affirming The Mexican. Double the blinding grins — we're up for that. Can we put in a request for Roberts to keep her bodacious Brockovich togs and Pitt his stylin' threads from Fight Club?