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  This month's Movieline has two features worth noting. There is an interview with Steven Soderbergh about TRAFFIC and the cover article is with Michael Douglas. THE ARTICLE IS COMING SOON.
  Check out the December 2000 issue of Premiere Magazine (it's got Angelina Jolie on the cover). Steven Soderbergh is featured on as part of "The Filmmaker Series". If you can't find it, (it is a month old) then you can check it out here. READ ARTICLE
  Salon Interview December 2000
This interview focuses on TRAFFIC, OCEAN'S 11 and brings up GETTING AWAY WITH IT. It's a relatively short interview but its pretty good.
  TNT Q&A December 2000
This is a pretty standard Roughcut interview. It thoroughly covers TRAFFIC and touches on some other stuff. Not bad
This interview is from the TRAFFIC official site at Amazon. There's nothing too new or shocking here.
This interview focuses primarily on OUT OF SIGHT and Soderbergh's focus on doing more mainstream work.
  SALON INTERVIEW January 2000
This interview focuses on GETTING AWAY WITH IT, as it was released in the UK around the end of '99. For those of you who have picked it up stateside, this gives some background on the creation of the project.
  ROUGHCUT Q&A March 1996
This a a Q&A from March of 1996, that corresponds with the openings of GRAY'S ANATOMY and SCHIZOPOLIS. It's an interesting interview largely because of where Soderbergh was professionally at the time.