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    Catherine Zeta-Jones is playing the role of Helena Ayala, the wife of a drug dealer (played by Steven Bauer). When he is arrested, she is pushed to the limit and proves that she will do anything for the protection of her family.
    Although she has been well known in her native Britain for quite some time, Catherine Zeta-Jones is still relatively new to American audiences. After doing some television work and appearing in several films, Zeta-Jones got her big break in THE MASK OF ZORRO opposite Antonio Banderas. She went on to star with Sean Connery in ENTRAPMENT, THE HAUNTING and she had a small role in HIGH FIDELITY with John Cusack.
    Until now, Zeta-Jones has been criticized for being all sex appeal and little talent. With TRAFFIC, her first dramatic role (in a quality film) since being stateside, it looks like she will finally be able to quiet her critics. She has been receiving rave reviews for her performance, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award.
    What makes her TRAFFIC performance even more astounding is that she was pregnant during filming (incidentally with costar and husband Michael Douglas' if you didn't know already).


TITANIC (television)

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