Oscar Nominations are in and Steven Soderbergh has picked up not one, but two (count 'em) Best Director Nominations. Outstanding. We're rooting for ya' Steven.

O.K., it's been a while and I've got lots and lots of updates. Steven has been nominated for two Director's Guild Awards and two Oscar Awards. I've added some new pictures from various events. I've been really busy as of late, so sorry the updates have been sparse. Here are some other points that need to be addressed:
It's gone, if you haven't noticed. I found myself simply repeating information between these two pages and it was frustrating. So I removed it. Everything you might have wanted to find on that page is already on this one, so don't sweat it.
I revamped it, and hopefully it will be more accessible. It's easier for me to update this way also.
I'm going to get this OCEAN'S 11 page up an running, so be patient. I also have some new interviews, one from the latest FILM COMMENT and a really cool interview from a 1989 Premiere Magazine (when Soderbergh had hair...it's kinda funny).

Well, what do you know? I updated two days in a row. The 58th Golden Globe Awards is now over and Steven Soderbergh appears to have split his votes, as Ang Lee won Best Director for CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (this is OK by me, if Soderbergh was going to lose at least it was to Ang Lee). But, Steven Gaghan did win for his TRAFFIC screenplay, and Benicio Del Toro and Julia Roberts both won awards for their performances READ MORE HERE. I also added some pictures to the image gallery, so check those out.

OK, its been a little while since I updated. Sorry, don't hate me. So there are a couple of points of business to touch on. In order, they are:
THE GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS are on the 21st. That's either tonight or "today" depending on when you are reading this. Best of luck!
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Soderbergh celebrated his birthday on January 14th. Whoops! Hope it was a good one.
UPDATES! UPDATES! UPDATES! Several things have been added. I posted a new Salon Interview, pics from the TRAFFIC premiere and some news articles.
CORRECTION & APOLOGIES: I know that there are some things incomplete. I lost my OCEAN'S 11 Page and quite frankly I dodn't have the heart to start from scratch again. However, this is just a temporary problem. So...I will be adding OCEAN'S 11 stuff as soon as the rest of the page is up to date. Also, I KNOW THAT THERE ARE HOLES IN THE TRAFFIC PAGE. I will also be getting to those too.


  So I was flipping around on the internet, and I was wondering what Steven Soderbergh was up to. I knew OCEAN'S 11 was in the works, but I was curious if there was anything else going on. Naturally, I started looking for some Steven Soderbergh webpages, and to my complete shock, I only found one, and it was the page I created a year-and-a-half ago. It hadn't seen an update since February of 2000. I couldn't believe a director of Soderbergh's status (not to mention cult following) has no fan site. DID YOU KNOW MICHAEL BAY HAS AT LEAST THREE FANSITES?!?! Well, if you've been pissed because you couldn't find Soderbergh info in the past while searching for that new desk toy (or if you're tired of stumbling across my half-assed half-finished previous effort), you can now relax. Barring death or extreme physical injury/sickness, I will continue to update this thing. I wouldn't mind a little help though, so if you have any ideas or anything you would like to contribute, e-mail me. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for reading my words. See ya' next month.